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A rapidly growing movement of local people and community groups working to make their cities a place of welcome and safety for all….
The Movement began in England and has now spread to over 30 cities. It is concerned mainly with creating a place and legal system of welcome for asylum seekers. At this moment in time Derry, Dublin and Waterford are the three cities in the Republic of Ireland who have joined this Movement
Waterford City of Sanctuary
Ireland is commonly portrayed as a country of a thousand welcomes. The goal of Waterford City of Sanctuary Movement is not limited to support and advocacy work for asylum seekers. Instead, it is to make Waterford become a place of welcome safety, security, and respect for all who visit and live in the city regardless of colour, race, religious, or social status.

We commit ourselves to a core set of values and principles that will strengthen our collective efforts to protect the rights of all people living in Waterford.