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Building a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary

What is ‘Place of Sanctuary’?

A rapidly growing movement of local people and community groups working to make their cities / towns a place of welcome and safety for all….
The Movement began in England and has now spread to over 30 cities. It is concerned mainly with creating a place and legal system of welcome for asylum seekers. At this moment in time Derry, Dublin and Waterford are the three cities / counties in the Republic of Ireland who have joined this Movement of "City of Sanctuary"; however we - here in Waterford - preferred to be named as
"Waterford Place of Sanctuary".
Ireland is commonly portrayed as a country of a thousand welcomes. The goal of Waterford Place of Sanctuary Movement is not limited to support and advocacy work for asylum seekers. Instead, it is to make Waterford become a place of welcome safety, security, and respect for all who visit and live in the county regardless of colour, race, religious, or social status.

We commit ourselves to a core set of values and principles that will strengthen our collective efforts to protect the rights of all people living in Waterford.

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